This blog post will show you how to interrupt an individual.

To start with, "interrupt" is a verb, "interruption" is a noun. For example:

She interrupts John; there was an interruption.

What time could we interrupt an individual?

  1. someone is off topic;
  2. one person talks to long;
  3. you need to tell someone something important;
  4. you want to add something.

How to interrupt in a polite manner?

  1. Sorry for interrupting, but ...

    • can I just say something here?
    • can I just add something here?
    • can I just mention something here?
  2. Before you move on, I'd like to say something.
  3. Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to add something.
  4. you can give some body language

    • raise hand
    • eye contact
    • hold up finger

What do you say when someone interrupts you?

Be courteous /polite

  1. Let them;
  2. Is there something you'd like to say?

Another expression

  1. Let me finish what I was saying?
  2. I'd almost finished my point.