This blog post is based on a YouTube video that teaches you how to avoid common errors in academic English. If you want to study more, please click here: 12 Common Errors in Academic English – and how to fix them!

  • contractions

don't --> do not

  • phrasal verbs

go up --> increase; take away --> remove

  • idioms

A1 --> excellent

  • slang

kids --> children

  • pronouns

you can see from the graph ... ---> The graph shows that ...

  • negatives

is not effective --> is ineffective; is not positive --> is negative

  • cliche

when all is said and done --> in conclusion

  • punctuation

! --> ; (MLA-APA style guide)

  • vague language

a bit, a lot, kind of, sort of, considerable

  • simple vocabulary

big difference --> major distinction

  • personal opinion

I think --> according to

  • direct language

too strong; can't be justified.