Please speak English while being confident, adventurous, and relaxed.

  1. Proactive: adj. 未雨绸缪的
  2. an exponential increase in the amount of information: 信息数量指数增长
  3. Have more time to spend on intellectually stimulating and challenging work.
  4. incentive: n. v. 刺激, innocent: adj. 清白的
  5. In some instances/cases


Sharenting: n. 喜欢晒娃的育儿方式, = share+parent(hangry=angry+hungry)

negative perspective

My hometown is in the countryside. It's far from downtown. On the flip side, the sky in there is blue, and the air is fresh.

Currently, many young parents like to document their kids' lives by taking photos. However, I have a few negative perspectives on this phenomenon. There are tons of parents on social media-such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Bilibili-who like to share pictures or videos of their kids. They want to use their kids for popularity or to gain more attention. I can't say whether that's good or bad.

Some parents are commodifying their kids or posting anything too embarrassing. In my opinion, they are invading kids' privacy.

I think the power of choice should be decided by the children when they grow up. When these kids grow up, they don't like their parents doing that, they will resent them.

There is a funny thing about sharenting. The kids can sue their parents for posting pics without their consent.

If you just want to let your family members and close friends see your kids growing up, I think it's a good way to do it. Because the photos you share online can be there forever. You don't ever have to worry about losing these pics. On the flip side, you should make sure you check your privacy settings before using the app to record.

Your digital footprint includes all of your online activity, like your comments and posts. Safety and digital footprints should be the utmost priority. Who knows whether other people use your photos to do some bad things.

Resigning form a job

Catch you again next time. (最后结尾时顺嘴说下)

  1. hand in my notice/submit my resignation: 递交辞职报告;
  2. leave my current position: 离职;
  3. I just wanted to let you know ... : past tense means more polite;
  4. phenomenon: n., phenomenal: adj. 非凡的,杰出的(awesome);
  5. branch from/out into sth.: 从……中发展而来、向……中扩展;
  6. pursue your dreams/goals/ambitions/interests;
  7. take the leap: 做出改变;
  8. persuade/convince you to stay;
  9. I am more than happy to meet you guys;
  10. I am going to stay on the job till the end of the month to ensure that the job transition is seamless;
  11. count on: 依靠,指望;
  12. pursue a career into ...

branch out into a new hobby.

A: Hi, Join. Do you have a minute?

B: Of course, Alec. What would like to discuss?

Thank you, my teacher. Have a good night. and catch you again next time.

My professor is a demanding boss, he always commands us to do many things so he can earn tons of money. However, we even say no forever. And we can't leave our current positions and submit a resignation like we are working for a company.

I just wanted to let him know that we are extremely tired.

In the future, I don't want to become a phenomenal person. I just hope I can have a satisfying job and a decent salary. I hope I can make my parents' lives better off through my hard work.

To my mind, life is short. So I think we should branch out into some new things that we haven't done before. If you want to do something, you can take the leap and pursue your ambitions and interests.

In the future, I don't want to become a phenomenal person. I just hope I can have a satisfying job and a decent salary. I hope I can make my parents' lives better off through my hard work. My parent will become older in someday. When that day comes they can count on me.

Charming Cities: Shanghai

Shanghai is a city where East meets West.

Architecture, cuisine, entertainment ant arts.

local delicacies: 当地美食(delicate: adj.精致的,娇贵的;delicacy: n. 精致,美食) = local special food

hole in the wall restaurant: it's a small and not decorated nicely. And it doesn't look so nice, but the food tickle your fancy.

swanky: over-the-top fancy. eg: He is a swanky boy; This is a swanky restaurant.

Entertainment industry

dip your toes into: give something a shot.

make your toes curl: something is really disgusted to you.

Shanghai is a charming city where West meets West. There are tons of tourist attractions and local special foods. In addition, it also has a thriving entertainment industry and many swanky restaurants. If you want to travel to this city and you don't have enough money, your best option is to go to "hole in the wall" restaurants, these restaurants are small and not decorated nicely. However, the local delicacies in there will tickle your fancy. If you have never been there, you can dip your toes into it.

The city you yearn for

As I said earlier, at this moment I am working in Hefei, Anhui. Hefei is the capital of Anhui. It's not a famous city. However, the prices of houses are extremely high. When I have a master's diploma, I can't even afford it. At this point, I choose to continue my study, and I want to study for a Ph.D. overseas.

Shanghai is a charming city where East meets West. There is tons of beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine. In addition, Shanghai also has a great many tourist attractions and a thriving entertainment industry. If you go there, and you have enough money, you can choose to go to swanky restaurants. By contrast, if you don't have a lot of money, you can choose to go to some hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They may be small and not decorated nicely, and they don't look nice, but the local special food will tickle your fancy.

Actually, everyone has different opinions on this question. Some guys love beautiful landscapes, some guys want to get peace of mind. To my mind, I don't like big cities, because I don't have enough money to support myself and my family to live. If I choose to stay here, I will be battling against the mortgage every day. It really takes a toll on my mental and physical health. My bro, you know that life is short, we should spend more time doing things that we want to do, instead of a house.

Customer Lotalty

  • Implement a plan/strategy;

Android smartphones have tons of functions that can help you do anything. Moreover, if you want to buy an Android phone, there are many brands you can choose from. However, the iPhone is boring, they look similar to each other. And I don't like their industrial design.

On the flip side, Android smartphones also have some drawbacks. They have many useless functions. When you buy a new phone, you should optimize your Android system so that it can make your life more convenient.

be doing sth: saying somethiong more polite, example: Should we be including Alex to talk about this question?

  • non-monetary: 非金钱的
  • value-added: 增值的
  • exclusive club: 私人俱乐部
  • inclusive person: 乐于相处的人
  • a host of : 大量
  • uncivilized/socially undesirable behaviors: 不文明行为

The policy was a good one, but it was far from perfect. = The policy was a good one, but it was anything but.

We should shield children from a host of uncivilized behaviors on the internet. Because it really takes a toll on their mental and physical health.

In my daily life, I am much of an inclusive person. So I have a host of close friends who are worthy of my trust in my hometown.

Another vitally crucial point is that many internet companies are using big data technology to divide their customers into different groups, usually by demographics like age, gender, those kinds of things. They often do that for advertising reasons, so that they know exactly who to target. In addition, they can segment their customers into detractors, passives, and promoters. They can choose to give passives and detractors additional discounts and perks to encourage them to use their applications.


Okay, now it's my turn. This question is difficult to discuss. Because different people have different answers to this question. To my mind, I love traveling by high-speed railways. Because it's faster and more convenient. I don't like airplanes, just because I saw a host of horror movies in my childhood. I always think it's not safe. However, I have seen news reports that airplanes are the safest form of transportation in the world.

If you want to go abroad, then an airplane is the only choice. By contrast, if you just want to go to some domestic cities, it is not a good choice. Because you will be spending a lot of time going to the air station and going through security checks.

If in the future I have enough money, I can buy my favorite car and take a self-driving tour. My dream car is the Jeep Wrangler. You can have more freedom when you choose to drive yourself. You can bring heavy luggage and enjoy the beautiful landscape along with the load. It's really peaceful. If I have a satisfying job and a decent salary, I will do it.

Good evening, guys. My name is Man Yacan, and I am a postgraduate from Hefei, Anhui. In my daily life, I am always extremely busy. My professor is a demanding boss. He always commands us to do tons of arduous work so that he can earn money. I don't have weekends and vacations. So talking about this topic, I don't have many ideas. Maybe you guys can share some interesting things about your journey.

Charming City: Rome

When I apply for a Ph.D. in the future, I have to pass the IELTS test. So I come here, I hope my pronunciation can become more authentic. In addition, I hope I can learn more about oral expressions. However, I know Rome wasn't built in a day, so I should get to stick to it.

Protecting the water environment is an everlasting/eternal topic.

Shanghai is a charming city where East meets West, with a host of beautiful architecture and tourist attractions, and it has a thriving entertainment industry. Moreover, there are a host of swanky restaurants and luxury shops. It has know unparalleled influence on the economy of Chinese society.

If you just want to go to a domestic city, I think the high-speed railway is a great choice for you. By contrast, people taking airplanes will spend tons of time going to air stations and going through security checks. It's very complicated.

I know some historical stories about Rome. It was the center of the Renaissance. The renaissance was a special period of rebirth. During this period science, philosophy and arts hit a higher level.Rome is so charming and alive/vibrant and full of culture.

All roads lead to Rome, so you can approach the puzzle any way you like, as long as you solve it.

Talking about cuisine, Shanghai has a great many local special foods. I think these delicacies can be able to satisfy any foodie and their camera.

About your Job

Slef Introduction:

Hello, guys, it's Man Yacan, a postgraduate from Hefei, Anhui. Maybe two months ago, the KaiYan language released this function that allowed us to take part in online English corners. It's very interesting because we can use it to improve our oral English and make new friends with different people. My ability to speak and listen is extremely poor. So I come here. I want to learn more about spoken expressions, and I hope my pronunciation can become more authentic. Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, I am a postgraduate student. In my daily life, English is really important to me. I use it every day. When I want to do research in a direction that I don't know a lot about, I can use Google to find some English papers on how to approach this problem. Moreover, I want to apply for a Ph.D. overseas when I finish my master's degree. My dream countries are Japan and Germany. Nevertheless, English is a global language, so I should pass the IELTS test if I want to apply to a better university. Finally, everyone knows Rome wasn't built in a day, studying English is an everlasting topic for us. We should get to stick to it. Hope we can have an amazing time tonight. Thanks for listening!

What's your job, Why do you choose this vocation:

Okay. At this moment, I am a postgraduate at an institute. In my daily life, my main job is to help my professor perform some research experiments. In addition, sometimes I have business trips with my professor. I should help him do some engineering design after the trip. So that he can earn tons of money and have a better standard of living. As I said earlier, I want to continue my studies once I have a master's degree. I hope I can successfully apply for a Ph.D. Thus I should spend more time writing English papers and performing my research experiments.

The reason why I want to get a master's degree is complicated. The first reason is that: My hometown is in the countryside, and it's far from downtown. I want to have a satisfying job and a decent salary, so that I can give my parents and me a higher standard of living. On the flip side, this world is beautiful, I want to broaden my horizons and see more vibrant and charming landscapes.

Do you like your boss, why?

Actually, I don't like my professor. He is a demanding boss, and he always commands us to do arduous work almost every day. Moreover, my group members in my laboratory always work overtime without any money. In my daily life, I barely have any leisure time. I don't have weekends or vacations. The only chance for me to relax is the Spring Festival. I think I am much of a per­fec­tion­ist. I used to get frus­trated when I felt I was­n't meet­ing my stan­dards. It really takes a toll on my mental and physical health. Sometimes I even toss and turn restlessly during the night. Nevertheless, I have no choice but to work hard. Because if I want to successfully get my master's degree, I should do anything that he assigns to me.

What is your ideal job?

When I get a Ph.D. diploma in the future, I can choose to work at a university. I can have a decent social status and a satisfying salary. And the university will give me a small apartment, so I won't consider buying it. In the present day, the price of apartments in big cities in China is extremely expensive. If I have enough money in the future, I will choose to rebuild the house in my hometown. My hometown is in a peaceful, small village. In there, the sky is blue, and the air is fresh. Most importantly, there are tons of my close friends who are worthy of my trust and my relatives. If I do that, I can have my own yard so I can plant trees and flowers in my house. It's really a peaceful lifestyle. When I was a seven-year-old boy, my parents brought me to another city where is far from my hometown. Because they hoped I could go to a good school and get a better education. So in the future, I want to spend more time with my family members.


This question is difficult to discuss. To my mind, I think it depends on the different situations. We need the money to do many things. However, there are some things that you can't do with money. I hope to have more flexibility in my work in the future. When I need money I can do more work.