Oral English

Could I have your WeChat?

Networking n. meeting people

Likewise means the same, I feel the same or I agree.

Keeping up something means knowing what's going on (the latest information).

QR code (quickly response code) is that black and white square that you can scan.

accept contact request 接受好友申请

following a public accounts 关注一个公众号

WeChat group 微信群

sending you an invite. 发出邀请

Checking in at the airport

passport: It's just an official document with your picture and information.

seat preference: windows seat, middle seat, aisle seat.

Do you have a seat preference?

A window seat would be great, please(thanks).

Layover is when you have to wait in an airport for your next flight.

Here you go(I'm giving you something);Here we go(It's starting now / It's do this).

be + doing —— it's very common to speak this way when we are talking about somethin we will do in the future,something we know we're going to do soon. For example:

I can say I'm having dinner with my friends right now. But I can say I'm having dinner with my friends on Friday night.

check in: what's you have to do before you can get on the plane;check out —— (在酒店)办理退房、结账离开。

Starting a Conference Call

Great talking to you means can you hear me? Answer: Likewise(Great talking to you, too.)

Doing the call means Being a part of conference call.

I really Appreciate means thank you.

Warp up means to finish.

Let's warp up something.

I bet is usually someone might say this if they haven't done what the other person has said they've done(I am sure / of course).

Good. I just came back from a trip to Italy. It was amazing!

I bet! Was it your first time there?

Guys means everybody(include women and men).

Connection issues means somebody have trouble connecting(basically problem).

Bad shopping experience

Manager is just the boss who control the store.

Make a complaint(n.): we actually don't say "I'd like to complain(v.)" in the store because that would be rude.

That would be me is just a more polite way to say "I am the manager".

Oh, who's the boss?

That would be me.

May I ask is more polite than saying "can I ask".

Pair means two that always are together but couple means two.

One wear means somebody wore the shoes one time, it is a noun here.

Disappointed in / by / with, but when you are disappointed in someone or something, it sounds like you're more disappointed.

It's took forever if you are waiting for a long time.

on top of that means in addition to this or also.

My apologies just means I'm sorry, but it is more formal and professional.

Unacceptable means it's not okay.

Words to describe yourself in a job interview

Diligent shows that you are care about your work, your duties, the things that you have to do, and that you are a hard worker as well.

Ambitious means that you have a strong motivation to success.

Efficient means that working quickly and effectively in an organized way.

enthusiastic means showing a lot of excitement and interest in something that you are enthusiastic about the work that you do.

Experienced means that you have a lot of knowledge and information about something and you've worked in the industry for a long time.

Reliable just means that you can be trusted to get the job done and they can count on you because you are reliable.

I'm born ready means I ready for something.

For example:

I'm here to answer the question. I'm not a very experienced employee, but I'm a very enthusiastic person. I can easily get bored if don't have many things to do. When it comes to a hard worker, I'm more into being reliable and efficient. I may not be the smartest, but I still have host of motivation and ambitious.

Personally, I'm a reliable and diligent undergraduate during the past 4 years in Anhui University of Science and Technology. I really love this job and I'm enthusiastic for this industry. I'm an ambitious person, that is why I come here to interview this position.

how to give a job interview (part 1)

Divide into / among

divide people into groups / divide your presentation into sections / divide tasks among people.

Ice-breakers: It might be a little bit uncomfortable, a little bit cold, so you need something to break that ice and make people feel comfortable.

At ease means to be relaxed.

Breakfast and brunch eggs

specials n.特色菜 brunch specials n.早午餐特价套餐

free range means not in a cage (Chickens can walk around and do what they want, get some exercises and eat around... KFC chickens are poor free range).

Free range children are the ones that run around crazy without control of their parents (kind of the opposite of like helicopter parents).

Not big on means that I'm not a fan.


Scrambled eggs means it's just mixed.

Your brain is scrambled means you're so tired and you've been thinking and doing too much.

If their store doesn't have any more, they are sold out. A sell-out person means this person has done something very bad, and he has principles (strong beliefs) but then you offers he some money and then his beliefs kinds of go away.


  • Nice to meet you. + nice to meet you, too. 只能用在第一次见面。
  • over there 在那边,通常有点远。
  • This man(近处);Taht man(远处)。
  • 注意 man [mæn] 与 woman [ˈwʊmən] 的发音。
  • Hello 口语中几乎不用,都是 Hi(更加亲切),Hey 与 Hi 几乎一样,更加用于男性。
  • On your team.
  • I see. 可以用来表达:我知道了、我清楚了、我懂了。
  • 注意 better、letter、matter 的发音,tt 美式发音为 d。
  • Dish soap / body soap / shower soap,英语中的肥皂不分固体与液体。


  • prettybeautiful 都是 “漂亮” 的意思,pretty usually use for younger girls. But beautiful like to use for older women.
  • When we say table, we mean your dining room table or maybe a coffee table; so when we study or do work, wo do it at a desk.
  • Look for: 强调找的动作与过程;find: 意为 “找到,发现”,强调找的结果。
  • quarter past four 4:15; half past four 4:30; quarter to four 3:45; quarter to five 4:45.